On Youth and Spiritual Leadership – GraceStory Podcast

To those of you, because I’m sure there are many, who have read my writing here and wondered what my actual voice sounds like: wonder no longer! I recently had the opportunity to record a podcast with Nate Davison at GraceStory Ministries. When Nate invited me onto the podcast, I was skeptical of the idea that I had anything worth podcast-ing about due to my youth… so I was relieved when Nate told me that he wanted to talk about the topic of my youth! Specifically, we dive into what it looks like to be young and in ministry – what that has looked like for me, what Scripture has to say about the calling to ministry, and more!

Nate is seriously gifted at guiding conversations for the show, and it was a pleasure to get to jump in with him for this episode – even if he does think blogs have gone out of style. Give it a listen below!

You can also find the show on Apple Podcasts here.

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