Most Likely

In my high school yearbook, I was voted “most likely to travel the world.”

Admittedly, this is probably because I recruited five or six kids to vote for me, and only about nine students school-wide actually participated in the survey. The previous year, I had gone on a CIY trip to Northern Ireland, which sparked an excitement about traveling and a passion for ministering across cultural boundaries.

The view from Dundrum Castle in Northern Ireland

When I enrolled in the Intercultural Studies program at Ozark Christian College, I was set on being a missions major. After three semesters, I actually switched degrees in order to take a couple extra exegetical classes; I’ll graduate with a Bachelor’s in Bible and Ministry this May (most likely – there’s still time to flunk). Also in May, I’ll embark on a trip – an unofficial pilgrimage of sorts – to the Holy Land, led by pastors from my home church. I’m beyond excited to get to walk on the ground Jesus walked on a couple thousand years ago.

Before I graduate, though, I get to take a very different overseas trip. In March, I will join a group from OCC and jet off to Japan to visit Mustard Seed Network. In some ways, this trip will be the complete opposite of the Holy Land; the good news of Jesus has yet to reach 95% of the Japanese population, and less than 1% is Christian. Before stepping into the setting of biblical history, I’ll get to experience a pre-Christian world. Not only that, but our team will be able to explore the possibility of joining the work God is doing in Japan.


architecture billboards buildings cars

In this season of life, figuring out where I’m going after May is confusing and not a little stressful – but it’s also an exciting opportunity to be on the lookout for God’s guidance. With a handful of good options floating around, it’s hard to say which is most likely to be “The One.” It would be a fitting plot twist if, after dropping my missions major, I end up back where I started.

So today, I have two requests (besides the normal and implied “like, comment, and subscribe”). Firstly, would you pray for me and the OCC team? Pray for our preparation and travels to Japan, as well as for wisdom and obedience going forward to graduation and beyond. If you would like to commit to be in prayer through this process, I would love it if you let me know so we can stay in touch!

Secondly – as you might have guessed by now – I am asking for some financial help. I’m graduating in May, which means I am functionally broke. The good news: I only need your money for the Japan trip! Since the trip is in March and I joined the team at the last minute, deadlines are going to start coming up pretty quick. If you would like to support me financially, you can do so at this link or contact me for other options. I genuinely believe prayer support is more important than your dollar bills; Jehovah-Jireh is more resourceful than we are! I wouldn’t be “most likely” to do anything apart from Him.

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