So, Why Am I Here?


You’ll have to forgive the existential nature of this post’s title. My father once gently (and rightfully) accused me of being the most overdramatic and existential person he knows, and I aim to carry on that legacy.

The “here” I speak of refers not to this life, planet, or even town, but to this website. Why am I blogging? What makes me think I have the right to post my thoughts on the Internet for anyone to read? Is it even worth it to pay a few dollars a year to get my own domain name?

This thought struck me the other day while I was sitting by my mom, who was jotting down notes for her own blog. After only a couple minutes, I glanced back over and she had filled two pages. I was shocked at her speed and ability to organize her own thoughts. While formulating ideas for my own post, it took maybe ninety minutes to get half a page down. That can be blamed in part on my perfectionistic fear of wasting ink and paper on useless words, or thoughts that won’t actually end up a part of whatever I’m working on. To be fair, my mother is a much wiser person than I am, and she’s had more life experience from which to learn. So, if I have so little of anything to share with the world, why am I here?

Hammocking & writing is not always as productive as I hope.

The simple answer is that I’ve always had a desire to write. Somewhere, probably in a storage box from my childhood, there exists several pages of a fantasy story starring friends from my childhood, involving an epic quest and a lot of magic fireballs being thrown around. Although I’ve progressed somewhat since then, the ability to convey ideas to others in a pleasing and/or efficient way has always been something I’ve been intrigued by.  The blog is an easy way to put such ideas out there, whether or not anyone actually reads them. (If you’re reading this, I appreciate it. If you’re not reading this, I understand.)

I’m also here to hone my abilities. Of course, I wouldn’t want to imagine up a post without any substance just for the sake of posting (which I am dangerously close to doing here), but, as we all know, practice makes perfect! Perhaps the increased responsibility involved with the upkeep of a blog will bring me to Amy Storms™️ levels of thought organization and composition. Maybe once I get a little more experience under my belt, I’ll be ready to start writing something with a little more weight. Until then, I’ll just keep following Tyler Joseph’s advice:

“Are you searching for purpose?/Then write something, yeah, it might be worthless!” – Kitchen Sink by Twenty One Pilots

The last reason I think writing might be a worthwhile venture is the chance that something I think resonates with something someone else thinks. Cheesy, I know. I’m not exactly one for sharing feelings. But maybe, if someone read these words of mine that don’t really have any good moral lesson or even a justification for being here, and thought to themselves “Yeah, me too”, this was all worth it.

One thought on “So, Why Am I Here?

  1. Put it out there! Whatever is in your head, put it out there. More people than you think will be interested, and even if they aren’t–like you said, the experience of writing is worth it in itself.

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